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GFA Certification GmbH

GFA Certification GmbH based in Hamburg, Germany is a highly specialized and truly speaking "Green" Certification & Verification Body focusing exclusively on leading sustainable forest management certification schemes (FSC® & PEFCTM) as well as on Legality Verification for the Forest and Wood Industry Sector. GFA Certification has developed an “EUTR toolkit” and a set of services to support companies on their way to prove EUTR compliance. One of these tools is GFAs’ timber-risk.com© platform. Further services include legality verification for wood products and verification of Due Diligence Systems. Contact us for further information: www.gfa-cert.com or info@gfa-cert.com (FSC® A000511 und PEFC/04-04-0099).



timber-risk.com© is a portal to support companies which want to apply due diligence. timber-risk.com© gives companies the possibility to get a first estimate of potential risks via a simple IT-based query option based on a selection of criteria including species and origin independent from the mentioned provisions and statutory regulations. Furthermore, there are suggestions on how to minimize potential risks.

The timber-risk.com© portal is based on a database with currently more than 1000 assessed tree species incl. a selection of trade names, as well as assessed countries, certification systems, product characteristics and supply chain structures. The data used has been compiled from publicly available sources. The database is updated regularly. Details can be found in every output sheet. Queries are made based on one country and one tree species.

Prior to the use of timber-risk.com© an initial registration is required. Registration through a test account (2 free queries) requires manual approval by GFA Certification GmbH. Test accounts are exclusively reserved for companies obliged to comply with statutory regulations. Registration through a standard account will be approved automatically. Users can buy single or packages of 10 or 50 queries. Payment is possible by PayPal or Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa). Queries can be carried out after successful purchasing. Output sheets all queries made are stored in the individual user portal and can be downloaded as a pdf file by the user.

The verification of the correctness of supplier document cannot be done by using timber-risk.com©. This has to be done by other means prior to making a query. The portal is not equivalent to a due diligence or due care system, neither in terms of the EUTR, Lacy Act, Illegal Logging Prohibition Act or other governmental requirements or laws. The information generated via timber-risk.com© can be used to support due diligence processes and is primarily intended as a support for decision making. The final responsibility for the decision to use and/or sell wood and wood products on the market is solely in hands of the user resp. the company. For further information, see the timber-risk.com© Terms and Conditions.

timber-risk.com© is available for remuneration exclusively to companies (business clients) available in German and English in an online portal. Further information can be found in the FAQ.